Sunday, July 19, 2015

Love, Philosophy, Religion and Poetry Kindle Edition for free. A book on poetry.

Love, Philosophy, Religion and Poetry Kindle Edition  for  free. A  book  on  poetry.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

A compilation of  34  poems about love, philosophy, the too many god and religion.
1. the prayer of have-nots. 2. A search for myself in a mirror 3. My other half 4. Enslaved by religion 5. Meaning of freedom 6. Refusing to die 7. The loud teachers 8. The doubt 9. Following the forefathers 10. A piece of love 11. The claws of greed. 12. A day of lust 13. Lady of the night 14. The city lights 15. The master and the slave 16. The wait 17. The gods at war 18. The land beyond the border 19. Caught between the mob and the fool 20. The defining dream 21. Two sides of a coin make one 22. The power of hope 23. The creation of god and devotee 24. What the Gods did 25. This is my reply to god 26. Divide and rule : guilt and reward 27. Being in Love 28. How did I chose my God 29. To each his right to wrong 30. The beginning 31. Unrequited love 32. Surrender. 33. Re-return 34. Blinded by love.

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