Friday, July 17, 2015

my book on kindle for free, please guys check it out .

my book on kindle for free, check it out guys  and  if  you like  it  I  would  be grateful for a  review.

The synopsis
A few months ago an old uncle of mine died leaving behind his 86 year old wife.
I asked her how she will manage alone.
She said, “For the last few years your uncle used to sit at the dining table watching me while I went about the day. As long as I live, I will just go on pretending he is still there sitting on the table watching me.”
This book was born out of her sad yet strong words.
It is a story of love, and extraordinary will to survive, where the dead husband is helping his lonely wife to live happily ever after . The story takes us through a single day’s events.
The story begins with an 86 year old Anadi finding herself on the floor after a fall due to an epileptic seizure. Her body tired and mind failing, she begins her day hanging on to an indomitable will to survive another day with her head held high.
The story takes us along with Anadi as she, alone and desperate, trapped within an old body, with fear and hope in her heart, interacts with the neighbours, the maid, the children, the grocer, the lunch boy from the restaurant….and a few other characters that fill a day. We can feel her fear of her looming death and her wanting to live. Her annoyance towards medicines but her hope for health. Her reminiscing the old days full of children, dog and dreams….her anger, her pain, her desperation….when we can almost feel her giving up she picks up the threads of life again.
And all along Anant, her dead husband, follows her around encouraging her and giving her hope to live a normal life….. and at times they go about reminiscing the past, some good and some bad, talking, cursing, crying, laughing and mocking the tough circumstances they are in.
Although there are times we will feel Anant is just an imaginary friend, it is only by the end of the day do we come to know, through the granddaughter who has come to pay a visit to Anadi, that Anant has been long dead and he is but a hallucination, though not of a failing mind but a loving heart.

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