Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the juvenile who got away: Delhi gang rape

Almost  the  entire  world  know  about  the  Delhi  gang  rape. Today  four  of  the  accused  were  sentenced. One  committed  suicide  in  prison  a  month  or  so,  back.  There  is  another  one  who  got  off  scot  free.  The  entire  press  is  appreciating  the  speed with  which  the  case  was  handled (9  months! By  the  way  in  India  that  is  speed.). But  I  am  not  interested  in  the  four  who  will  sit  in  jail  or  are   hanged.  I  am  interested  in  the  one  that  got  away. 
For  all  those  who  have  come  in  late :  this  one  who  got  away  is  a  juvenile.  He  was  short  of  2  months  to  18  when  he  raped  and  brutalized  the  23  year  old  girl. It  has  been  yapped  and  yapped  in  the  press  that  he  was  the  worst  of  them  all(the  girls  intestines  were  pulled  out   of  her  vagina  and  anus  when  rusted  iron  rods  were  inserted  into  her). So, this  juvenile  is  going  to  spend  some  18  months  in  a   correctional  home. Seen  a  correctional  home? No? I  have  seen  it.  When  I  was  a  medical  student  we  used  to  volunteer  with  them. It  is  like  a  student’s  hostel  only  this  is  run  by  the  government. You  get  food, clothing,  shelter, TV,  an  education ….you  can  meet  family  and  friends  and  you  can  have  a  hobby  too! Not  horse  ridding  or  something  fancy  but  painting,  pottery, carpentry  etc  from  which  you  can  make  money  while  you  spend  your  time  in  the  place.
Now  my  grievance, call  it  disgust  if  you  can:
India  is  a  peculiar  country. Why?
You  can  have  consensual  sex  at  16  but  cannot  rape  till  18! I  don’t know  who  wrote  it  but  must  be  a  genius. Well,  but  then  we  have  to  follow  the  law…even  if  it  is  ridiculous. Law  is  after  all  LAW.
Now  how  did  the   police/ law/ etc  come  to  know  the  age  of  the  juvenile?
Firstly: this  juvenile  was  proved  juvenile  as  per  his  school  certificate.
Now, more   than   half  of  my  country  is  illiterate.   And  if  you  go  to  a  village  almost  all  of  them  are  illiterate…most  of  these  people  don’t  know  how  to  sign  their  name,  nor  do  they  understand  date  of   birth  or  anything  such.
So  when  a  parent  takes  a  child  to  a  school  for  admission ,  the  principal  looks  up  and  down  at  the  child  and  then  assumes  his  birth  of  date  and  that’s  noted  in  a  certificate.  That  is  the  official  birth  of  date.
And  that’s  what  happened  in  the  case  of  the  juvenile.
The  mother  took  the  boy  to  school  for  admission  when  he  was  6 or 7 or 8  and  the  principal  looked  the  boy  and  noted  the  birth  of  date  as  he  felt  close.
Secondly :There  is  another  interesting  thing  to  note  here:  people  in  India  generally  request  to  note  the  lowest  of  the  date  as  birth  of  date,  why?  Because  that  way  if  you  get  a  job  in  some  distant  future  you  can  stay  a  little  longer  in  the  pay  roll.
So, as  to  conclude :  if  a  child  were  to  be  taken  to  a  principal  of  a  school  with  a  confusion  like  6  or  7  or  8  years  of  age  the  principal  will  generously  put  down  6  years .
Now  to  the  one  who  got  away:  And  based  on  this  certificate  the  boy  has  been  treated  as  juvenile…2  months  short  of  18  when  he  raped  and  brutalized   the  girl.
And  no,  India  does  not  have  advanced  techniques  of  age  determination  and  even  if  we  did   have,  we  would  think  twice  before  using  it.
Why?  Because  the  juvenile  is  a  Muslim  and  we  are  more  interested  in  vote  bank  politics  than   any   justice. We  have  general  elections  coming  up   in  2014  and  we  don’t  want  to  screw  up. But  then  I  should  be  decent  enough  to  not   make  it  political.  But  then  again,  in   India   everything   is  political  right  from   land   buying  and  selling  by  land  sharks  cum  political  giants  to  riots  born  out  of  rape!  But  that’s  another  story…
So,  what  about  the  juvenile?
Well,  he  will  go  scot  free  after  18  months. 
And  if  the  general population  is  worried  or  scared  of  what  he  might  do: who  gives  a  shit. 
P.S: a  few  days  back  I  saw  an  interview  of  a  juvenile  robber  on  TV.
A  journalist  asked  him “since  you  were  a  juvenile, you  have  spend  so  many  months  in  correction  home  for  so  many  robberies  but  now   you  are  going  to  be  18   years. So  what  do  you  think  will  happen  if  you  rob  now?  You  know  you  will  have  to  go  to  jail.”
The  thief  said, “ I  will  be  extra  careful.  Or  maybe  I  will  give  up  robbery.”
India  is  a  peculiar  country  full  of  smart  people!


  1. " You can have consensual sex at 16 but cannot rape till 18! I don’t know who wrote it but must be a genius. "

    This line made burst out laughing!!!

    The issue is not whether he was or is a juvenile but if he did the hideous crime knowingly or unknowingly! A juvenile is not innocent at all circumstances!

    1. I wish Indian politicians and law makers understand the fact that if a boy knows how to have consensual sex also understands rape. and like you rightly said :The issue is not whether he was or is a juvenile but if he did the hideous crime knowingly or unknowingly! A juvenile is not innocent at all circumstances!
      and yes, there are many geniuses in India! who make really good jokes. thanks for reading

    2. well its just a matter of "wait & watch" when he's out, not a juvenile anymore, having spent 18 months with "like-minded JUVENILES" (oh don't we all know very well when like-mindeds meet what we can do!!!) who become best buddies (of course no hesitation or inhibitions between buddies you see)... while these guys are "hanging out" inside lets start prepping up the outside world for their "release"....

      Cops: U can start brushing up with ur "ignore" skills

      Parents: "restrict" your daughters with "don't u dare step out of the house alone"

      Brother: start "monitoring" your sister very strictly

      Employers: "I already have too many things on my plate & i cant afford to play ur bodyguard"

      NGOs: lets start working in the rural areas more vigorously cuz the villagers know nothing of whats happening outside their village & hence that's where these released "JUVENILES" make their homes and "enjoy" their live fully equipped after "graduating" from the CORRECTION HOME

      Neighbors & Society Members: looking at girls that are "scantily" dressed & assuming "some day this girl is going to be raped & she herself will be responsible for it"

      Media: "come on guys lets start honing our exaggeration skills!!!"

      POLITICIANS: need we say or assume anything here???

    3. beautifully and brilliantly said. a true analysis of our Indian mindset.

  2. please provide google page translate i cant understand english that much