Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the cow is a successful animal : to help you forget English

The  cow  is  a  successful  animal. Also  he is  quadruped, and  because  he  is  female, he give milk, but will do so when he is got child. He is same like  God, sacred  to  Hindus and  useful to man. But he has got four legs together. Two are forward and two are afterwards. It  is  not  like  donkey  to  kick  people  unnecessarily  but  if  you  harass  it  will  kick  compulsorily.  
His whole body can be utilized for use. More so the milk. He  has  got  four  udders  in  the  underground  of  stomach.  You  cannot  see  it  until  it  is  full  and  hanging.  But  when  full  you  can see  from  between  back  legs. What can cow  milk  do? Various ghee, butter, cream, curd, condensed  milk,  milk  powder  and so forth. Also he is useful to cobbler, milkmans and mankind  generally.

Cow  is  white  in  color  and  no  it  does  not  apply  fair  and  lovely. It  is  white  by  birth  although  some  cows  have  brown and  black  patchy  sweater  like  coating. It  is  generally  clean  animal  but  sometimes  it  becomes  dirty  because  of  earth  it  walks  on. And  also  dirty  because  of  its  own  fecal  matter sticking  to  its  backyard  and  feet. It  is  domestic  like  dog  but  because  it  is  bigger  you  have  to  keep  him  in  stable  and  not  in  home  on  sofa. And  also  it  does  not  see  much  TV  like  dogs  do. It  is  more  interested  in  meditating  unlike  other  animals  except  donkey  which  also  is  into  mediation  always. It  is  also  very  silent  mostly  except  when  it  is  calling  other  cows  loudly  or  calling  it’s  calf  like  human  mothers  do  to  children.

His motion is slow only  because  he is a  big  animal  and  patient species.

It  is  very  popular  with  motorist  when  it  is  sitting  in  middle  of  road  and  munching  something  like  it  is  sitting  is  some  five  star  hotel. It  is  very  patient  so  if  you  honk,  it  will not  get  angry  or move  or  shout  back  like  other  people. Sometimes  it  is  also  sleeping  on  road  along  with  other  cows.

Also his other motion  the  one  people  call  shit  is much useful to trees, plants as well as making flat cakes in hand and drying in the sun. cow  gives  more  shit  during  rains  because  it  is  feeling  the  water  and  is  cold and  has  got  loose  motion. It  can  pee  and  shit  while  walking  also  unlike  people  who  have  to be  still  to  pee  and  shit.

Cow is the only animal that  extricates  his  feeding  after eating.  Then afterwards she chew with his teeth whom are situated in the inside of the mouth.  He is incessantly in the meadows in the grass  and  like  reported  earlier  in  roads  also.  If  people  have  garden  they  should  have  fence  and  close  gate  or  else  cow  will  come  and eat  all  plants  and  flowers.  

Cow  can  run  very  fast  when  it  is  in hurry  or  scared. Then  it  looks  like  a  horse  only  it’s  tail  is  like  whip  and  not  like  a  girl’s  pony  tail. People  should  be  careful  of  cow’s  tail  because  it  is  not  only  whip  like  but  mostly  dirty  because  unlike  people  it  does  not  use  ass-wipes.

His  only attacking  and defending organ is the horn, specially so when he is

got child.  This is done by  bowing  his  head  close  to  ground  whereby he causes the weapons  to be paralleled to the ground of the earth and instantly proceed  with  great  velocity  forwards.

He has got tails also, but not like similar animals.  It has hairs on the other end of the other side of  tail.  This is done to frighten away the flies which  alight on his  back body whereupon  he gives hit  with it. like  I  said  you  should  be  careful  of  tail. The  tail  is  usually  lying  down  straight  covering  it’s  ass.  It  raises  tail  when  it  has  to  shit  so  that  tail  don’t  get  dirty  ad  not  obstruct  the  passing.

The  palms of his feet are soft unto the touch.  So the grasses head is not crushed  by  his  walking  on  it.  At night time have he poses by looking down on the ground and he shouts but  not  like  dogs.

His eyes are like  his  relatives  one  on  each  side  of  head  with  which  it  will  watch  left  and  right  side  also..but  only  one  at  a  time.

It  has  got  ears  also  next  to  horns.  It  can  move  ears  in direction  of  sound.

But  most  importantly  it  is  a  sacred  animal.  And  is  compared  to  all  mommies  in  Indian  culture.  Most  people  worship  it.  Some  also  drink  it’s  fresh  piss  because  it  is  medicine. It’s  fecal  matter  is  made  into  medicine  also.  Not  whole  but  small  piece  is  added  to some  local  medicines  with  or  without  knowing  of  patient. 

There  is  special  cow  called  Kamdhenu  in  Hindu  Mythology.  If  you  worship  it  you  will  get  all  wishes  fulfilled.  
All  Hindus  consider  all  cows  Kamdhenus  because  we  are  very  hopeful  people.