Sunday, October 6, 2013

Too much protein? Kidney failure is around the corner!


Kidney  failure? It's a  sad  scenario.  The  other  day   I  saw  a patient.  A young  guy  of  30 , the  kind  who  is  trying  to  make  his  abdomen   into  six  packs  or  something.  Just  as  a  routine  checkup  and  it  was  found  that  he   was  on  the  borderline  kidney  failure.  After  a  few   question  and  answers   I  found  that  he  was  on  a  high  protein  diet.  Everyone  in  the  gym  is  doing  it….even  many  people  trying  to  lose  weight  or  common  people hoping  that  it  will  make  a  better  diet   are  doing  it.
Protein  is  Essential
Although   protein  intake  is  important,  it  should  be  within  limit.  One  cannot  cut  out  carbohydrates, fats…  because  of  it.  It assists  in  synthesizing  enzymes  and  hormones, maintaining  fluid  balance, and  regulating  such  vital  functions  as  building  antibodies  against  infection,  blood  clotting,  reduces  bad  cholesterol  and  improves  scar  formation. Protein  is  also  a  building  block  for our  muscles,  bones,  cartilage, skin,  hair,  and  blood.  Protein-rich foods include meat, cheese, milk, fish, and eggs. For  vegetarians,  protein  can  be  found  in  soy  products  such  as  tofu  as well  as  in combinations  of  foods,  such  as  rice  or  corn  with  beans.
15%  of  the  total  food  intake  is  normal.
But  I  have  been  watching  the  way  companies  are  pushing  protein  rich  foods  such  as  soya  in  the  market  and  people   are  eating  protein  rich  diet..’s  a  huge  hype  and  one  should  be  very  careful.
In  excess  of  20%  Proteins  start  showing  adverse  effects  on  health,  especially  on  the  long  run……. And  anything  more  than  30%  will  definitely  cause  harm  both  in  the short  and  long  run.
1.  Eating  extra  protein  does  not  help  boosting  muscle  mass  and  strength…it  is  your    exercise  regime  doing  it.
2.  While  trying  to  take  high  protein  people  reduce  carbohydrate, fat…  that  will  reduce  immunity  and  put  other  body  parts  such  as  liver,  intestines  under  stress  and  reduce  the  absorption  of  vitamins  and  essential  minerals.
3.  In the  beginning  you  will  to  lose  water  and  it   will  make  you  dehydrated. This  water  loss  shows  like  weight  loss. Soon  excess  protein  will   be  converted  to  fat….sooner  than  later  you  will  start  putting  on  muscle  mass  i.e., weight.
4. This  is  the  most  dangerous   and  irreversible  effect  and   is steadily  rising  in  the  population :  excess  proteins   WILL  result  in the  buildup  of  toxic  ketones.  These  ketones  will  have  to  be  flushed  out  by  the  kidneys.  Kidneys  can  only  take   that  much  load  of  ketones.  Load  the  kidneys  with  more  they  will  start  failing.  This  will  not  show  immediately  because  body  can  function  perfectly  with  one  kidney   but  someday…in  the  long  run  you  might  end  up  in  kidney  failure.
5.   You  will  lose  bone  calcium  which  itself  is  not  safe  in  the  long  will   not  just  strain  your  bones  but  your  heart  in  the  long  run. 
6. High  protein  diet  will  make  you  feel  week  and  dizzy  and  give you  bad  breath.
There  are  a  few  groups  who  need  protein  they  are old  people,  malnourished  children,  patients  suffering   from  severe  illness  and  eating  disorders.  But  other  than  these  groups  people  should   be  careful  how  much  protein   they  eat.
Even  if  you  do  not  agree  with  me  please  consult  a  physician  before  you  continue  ..if  at  all  you  are  on  a  protein  rich  diet. If  not  be  healthy and  happy.
 Just  to  let  you  know:  I  am  a  doctor.


  1. Enjoyed reading this.... Very simply put, very easily understandable for folks like me. Keep writing.

  2. hearing this from a doctor adds the credibility to the post!!! :D :D Keep up the good work with tips like this ;) Just curious, have you heard about horse gram and apparently having that daily would reduce weight?

    1. thanks, Jas, long time no see? as for horse gram : it puts on weight in the long run. it has a high protein content. in the beginning you will lose weight but within a few months you will start putting on.

    2. haha yes and I made a short post today on my blog after about two weeks I think. I'm back now and that is for sure :)
      Euwwwww I need to tell my mom about this! Thank you sooo much1

  3. I found a research paper about this and I have a question from my mom. Why do they feed horse with horse gram and it seems that it doesn't affect horses when it comes to weight gain since people rear horses to boost its activeness

    1. protein builds muscle mass. as for horses their activity can never be matched by us humans. this is how it works : suppose we eat a cup of horse gram or even gram it has to be utilized immediately or else it will be converted into fat. now horses and also sports or gym enthusiasts go into rigorous work outs. so they can utilize the calories protein provides but those who cannot work out like that protein will get converted into body mass and increase weight. in fact protein supplements like horse gram, soya etc is prescribed by doctors for malnourished patients and very thin individuals to put on weight.

    2. great!!! thank you for the guidance! And my mom said it is not for me since I'm lazy! Ahahahaha!