Friday, May 31, 2013

the sad reply to agent rejections

So, you   have  been   rejected.  Believe   me, you  are  not  the  only  one.  People  are  getting  rejected  all  the  time. So   you  are  not  alone.
Alone  or  on  the  Titanic   of  writers,  pain  and   suffering  is  individual. And  then   you  don’t  know  how  to  be  angry?  Or  desperate?
You  are  the  sad   kind.

You  want  to  cry?  Who  is  stopping  you?
The  moment  the  postman  hands  your  rejection  letter : Start  with  the   sniffling, then  cry  and  sob  and  if  possible  bawl   to  your  lungs  capacity. You  want  to  hit  your  forehead  or  your  chest  when  crying. So be  it. But  try  to  cry  in  corners   and   closets.  Until  unless  you  are  very  lucky   this  is  not  the  first  time  you  are  crying  and  this  will  not  be  the  last. So  dragging   unnecessary  attention  towards  your  sorrow,  that  keeps  coming  almost  every  day  like  the  garbage  truck,  will  only  make  your   writing   life  difficult.
There  will  always  be  a few   people  who  would  love  to  say, “I  told  you  so.”
If  not  say   then  they  are  thinking, “I knew  this  would  happen.”
Some  will  rightfully  declare, “Writing  is  not  as  easy  as  you  thought,  huh?” And  these  kind  of  remarks  will  only  cause  you   more   pain. It   will  be  like  getting  your  toe  struck   twice   with  the    hammer!
So  try  and   keep  the  crying,  sobbing ,  bawling  to  a  inaudible   limit!  The  bathroom  with the  shower  on  is  the  best  way  to  do  this. The  water  will   flow  away   your  sadness   faster, no  one  can  hear  you  and  you  yourself  cannot  see  the   tears  what  with  the  water  streaming  all  across  your  face. 
Of  course   don’t  look  in  the  mirror :  the  crying  bawling  face  looks  seriously  distorted!
You  must  have  sent   your  query’s  in  bulk? Of  course, Yes,  don’t  lie  to  me. The  other  rejections  will  also  come . So,  either  you    cry  for   all  of  them  at  the  same  time  or  make  it  individual  crying  sessions.  The  choice  is  yours.
Well,  I  used  to  cry  for  each  letter  individually.  I   prefer  giving  personal  attention!     
Whatever  you  choose : Let  the  world  know  they   have   betrayed   you!  Your  heart  is  broken.  You  want  to   betray  the  world.  Return  the  favor.  But    neither   you   have   the   resources  nor  the   training  to   hurt  people!


  1. wen i failed for the first time / got rejected for the first time i cried like the baby in the pic. But later on i started using the most abusive language possible on this earth and known to the mankind for the people rejecting me .If people rejecting you is not enough u also have ppl telling you 'its ok!' Ok ! seriously ??????

    1. it depends on what gives you courage! anything will do as long as it lets me stand on my feet.

  2. Sometimes crying is good for a person. I know that often I find that it releases creativity in me. Really!

    1. true, but I would love to cry in happiness any day!