Monday, June 3, 2013

Frustration is the mother of all professions!

Of  course  you  like  what  you  do, maybe  even  love  and  want  to make  a  living  out  of  it.  But  basically  why  do  we  do  what  we  do? A  few  examples  of  who  do  what  and  why  :

1.Those  who  are  frustrated  by  the  mean, lying, power  hungry  world  around us  become  politicians  and  then  they  go  around  correcting  the  mean  things  they  see  by  back  stabbing  one  and  all.
2. Those  who  are  frustrated   by  diseases  become  doctors  and  scientists  and  practice  and  test  their  ideas  and  ideals  on  all  things  as  easily  procurable  as   guinea  pigs.     

3. Those  who  are  frustrated  by  other  people’s  money  become  businessmen  and  steal  from  everyone  including  banks.
4. Those  who  are  frustrated  by  the  stealing  businessmen  make  labor  unions  and  then  shout  slogans   and  protest  so  they   can  have  a  cushy  job.  Meaning  of  a cushy  job : never  have  to  work  again  but  keep  getting  salary, increments  and  bonus  too.
5. Those  frustrated  by  the  boss   at  office  stand  near  water  coolers  and  bitch  about  everything   and  everyone  close  to  him/ her.
6. Those  who  are  frustrated  by    all  the  continuous  wars  go  ahead  and  make  nuclear  bombs  or  try  to  beg,  borrow  or  steal  them. Then  plan  how  and  where  and  on  who  to  drop  them  so  that  there  could  be  world  peace.
7. Those  who  are  pissed  by  all  the  wars  but  don’t  know  how  to  make  ,  beg  borrow  and  steal  nuclear  bombs  join  Miss  world  and  Miss  Universe   and   declare  their  hope  in  world  peace. 
8.Those  who  are  frustrated  by  all  the  people  toiling   around  them  yet  get  pennies,  go  ahead  and  take  up  a  government  job. They  are  the  ones that  make  modern  fairy  tales  and    live  happily  ever  after .
9.Those  who  are  frustrated   by  the  entire  world’s  poverty, disease,  hunger,  worsening  economy  and  whatnot   and  realize  nothing   can  be  done   for  anyone  but  themselves   make  the  government. Then  they  lie,  cheat, do  world  travel  stay  in  seven  star  hotels  all  on  tax  payers  expense   and  then   when  there  is  still  a  lot  of  money  left  that  cannot  be  hidden  in  sofa  cushions   they   open  swiss  bank  accounts.
10.  Now ,  those  who  are  frustrated  by  all the  above  and   much  much  more  and   cannot  do   anything,  anything  at  all,  about  it  become  artists :  they  sing,  dance,   make  music,  paint,  click  photographs   and   write  their  woes!  Of course  we  do  hope  someone  reads  our  books  or  watches  our  dance  or  listens  to  our  music  and  gets  excited  and  goaded   enough  to    do  something  about  our  frustrations.

So,  Now   you   know  why  you   have   become  a   writer.  So, God   bless  you.


  1. I did. And I wrote two books about things that I to heal your self and how to better manage in business. It was a release and my gift back to the world for all my lessons and wisdom. It also allows me to move on and do different things, like write fiction. I try not to be frustrated, but I understand frustration. I also know that I created my perception to be frustrated and that I changed it for the better. Frustration is a feeling, and the one thing we have in control of our lives is how we feel. Frustration is a choice. Not to be frustrated is also a choice. Substitute with happiness...your own personal happiness, with no ties to the world, your family, or anyone close enough that you so badly want to make better decisions. I get it and I appreciate your frustration and observation. Been there. Changed my self...changed everything and everyone around me. Pretty amazing, huh? :)

    1. thanks. I totally agree with you. usually I am a very happy person but my father had a heart attack yesterday. so I am sitting outside the intensive cardiac care unit trying to keep myself sane by posting blogs. it keeps me from behaving like a cry baby. the only thing I could think was frustration. I was like let me pull my hair real hard maybe I will feel fine. but if I pull my hair in public they will put me in the psychiatric what to do? so instead I ranted out to you guys. And you won't believe me even the font of the post wouldn't listen to me! I tried 10 times to adjust the size but half of the post is normal sized font and the other half is as if I am writing for someone with real bad vision! God! right now I look like the man in the picture!

  2. i would rather see and read what u have written . Font size is not for me ....... for me its the matter , message and momentum it can create . God bless u and ur family in such bad times !

  3. I understand what you are saying here. I can see how you cam to your conclusion. A very nice piece.