Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What bullies you the most? What your pen fears? What freezes your mind?

Would you  prefer  to write  a  book,  paint , sing  something  that  will  help  the  world  masturbate?
Or  would   you  write, paint  and  sing  something   that  will   help  the  world  think?
What  is  it  that  you  want  to  but  cannot  write? What   freezes   your  pen  and  your  mind? What  is  it  that  you  know  that’s  needs  to  be  amended  but  you  don’t  dare  demand  it?
Nah,  I  am  not  talking  about  horror  stories  and  murder  mysteries  or  such  where  men  and  woman  are  frustrated  and  go  along  killing  and  plundering  fellow  humans  and  animals.
I  am  talking  about  the  things  that  chain  our   minds  and  starve   our  souls  into  robots.
I  am  talking  about  the  biggest  two  dictators  of  our  fate  as  a  world:   Religions  and  Governments. 

Of  course  this  is  a  free  world  and  we  were  born  free  and  all  that  crap  but  seriously? Every  single  day  we  hope  our  children  learn  something  new  let  it  be  science  or  mathematics  or  languages. We  are  more  than  obliged  to  the  schools  that  amend  the  school  books  so  that  our  children  become  smarter,  a  bit  stronger  for  this  world.  Scientific  finding  are  corrected  almost   every  day,  every  day  someone  is  out  there  trying  to  prove  Einstein  and Newton  wrong  but  what  about  religious  thoughts  and  philosophy?
We  as  children, youth  and  adults  have  argued  with  our  fathers  and  gurus  in  the  hope  of   change. But  seriously  as  artists,  writers,  painters,  musicians  how  many of  us  have  dared  to  express  our  religious  and  political   arguments  in the  open?
Is   there  a  Socrates  there? Is  there  the  man  who  stole   fire  from  the  Gods  still  amongst  us?
There  might  still be  a  few  protests being  born  and  dissipating   against  governments but  how  many  of  us  really  have  the  will  to  amend   our  political  and   religious  thoughts? And  how  many  of  us  have  to  balls  to  put  the  thoughts  into  action.
What  is  our  responsibility  as  writers,  painters,  musicians…..
To make  money,  have  a  comfortable  life , have  sex  and  then  go  off  to  sleep?
Today  more  than   half  of  our  world  is  hungry ,  naked  and   uneducated. 
 Our  political  and  religious  thoughts  have  been  a constant  even  though  our  world  has  gone  from  bad  to  worse. So  don’t  you  think  that  the  one  thing  that  teaches  us  right  from  wrong  is  not  very  effective.
 ‘Either   the  teachers  are  incompetent  or  what  is  being  taught  is  inadequate.’ If  your  child  failed  a  class  wouldn’t  you  say  this?
Well,  so  where  are  the  thinkers? The  writers?  The poets? The  statesmen? The  call  for  change? A  real  freedom.
But  then  who  wants  the  sip   hemlock. Not  us.
This  is  what  happened  to  Socrates.
On a day in 399 BC the philosopher Socrates stood before a jury of 500 of his fellow Athenians accused of "refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state" and of "corrupting the youth." If found guilty; his penalty could be death. The trial took place in the heart of the city, the jurors seated on wooden benches surrounded by a crowd of spectators. Socrates' accusers (three Athenian citizens) were allotted three hours to present their case, after which, the philosopher would have three hours to defend himself.
Socrates was 70 years old and familiar to most Athenians. His anti-democratic views had turned many in the city against him. Two of his students, Alcibiades and Critias, had twice briefly overthrown the democratic government of the city, instituting a reign of terror in which thousands of citizens were deprived of their property and either banished from the city or executed.
After hearing the arguments of both Socrates and his accusers, the jury was asked to vote on his guilt. Under Athenian law the jurors did not deliberate the point. Instead, each juror registered his judgment by placing a small disk into an urn marked either "guilty" or "not guilty." Socrates was found guilty by a vote of 280 to 220.
The jurors were next asked to determine Socrates' penalty. His accusers argued for the death penalty. Socrates was given the opportunity to suggest his own punishment and could probably have avoided death by recommending exile. Instead, the philosopher initially offered the sarcastic recommendation that he be rewarded for his actions. When pressed for a realistic punishment, he proposed that he be fined a modest sum of money. Faced with the two choices, the jury selected death for Socrates.
The philosopher was taken to the near-by jail where his sentence would be carried out. Athenian law prescribed death by drinking a cup of poison hemlock. Socrates would be his own executioner.
"When Crito heard, he signaled to the slave who was standing by. The boy went out, and returned after a few moments with the man who was to administer the poison which he brought ready mixed in a cup. When Socrates saw him, he said, 'Now, good sir, you understand these things. What must I do?'
'Just drink it and walk around until your legs begin to feel heavy, then lie down. It will soon act.' With that he offered Socrates the cup.
The latter took it quite cheerfully without a tremor, with no change of color or expression. He just gave the man his stolid look, and asked, 'How say you, is it permissible to pledge this drink to anyone? May I?' The answer came, 'We allow reasonable time in which to drink it.'
'I understand', he said, 'we can and must pray to the gods that our sojourn on earth will continue happy beyond the grave. This is my prayer, and may it come to pass.' With these words, he stoically drank the potion, quite readily and cheerfully. Up till this moment most of us were able with some decency to hold back our tears, but when we saw him drinking the poison to the last drop, we could restrain ourselves no longer. In spite of myself, the tears came in floods, so that I covered my face and wept - not for him, but at my own misfortune at losing such a man as my friend. Crito, even before me, rose and went out when he could check his tears no longer.
Apollodorus was already steadily weeping, and by drying his eyes, crying again and sobbing, he affected everyone present except for Socrates himself.
He said, 'You are strange fellows; what is wrong with you? I sent the women away for this very purpose, to stop their creating such a scene. I have heard that one should die in silence. So please be quiet and keep control of yourselves.' These words made us ashamed, and we stopped crying.
Socrates walked around until he said that his legs were becoming heavy, when he lay on his back, as the attendant instructed. This fellow felt him, and then a moment later examined his feet and legs again. Squeezing a foot hard, he asked him if he felt anything. Socrates said that he did not. He did the same to his calves and, going higher, showed us that he was becoming cold and stiff. Then he felt him a last time and said that when the poison reached the heart he would be gone.
As the chill sensation got to his waist, Socrates uncovered his head (he had put something over it) and said his last words: 'Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius. Do pay it. Don't forget.'
 ‘Of course', said Crito. 'Do you want to say anything else?'
'There was no reply to this question, but after a while he gave a slight stir, and the attendant uncovered him and examined his eyes. Then Crito saw that he was dead, he closed his mouth and eyelids.
This was the end of our friend, the best, wisest and most upright man of any that I have ever known"
And  this  is  us
We   are  polite  people  or  else  why  would  we   be  artists? We  will  not, should  not  and  cannot  get  into  trouble  with  governments  and  religious  dogmas  just  to  be  right!  What  about  our  own  life  and  living?
Forget   Socrates  think  about  this :Who   wants  to   get  into  trouble  like  Salman  Rushdie? Or  that  Jullian  Asange  fellow?
I  think   I  will  write  a  book   that  helps  the  world   masturbate  rather   than  think.
Masturbating  is  good. It  will  give  me  money and  you  pleasure. And  we  are  all  at  peace.  Write  a  decent  criticism  about  governments  and  religion   and   my  money,  pleasure  and  my  peace?  All  flushed  into  the  toilet. God!  I  am  not  such  an  idiot.
Let  others  fight  the  battle  and  drink  Hemlock.  I  am  fine  in  my  air  conditioned  room. I  am  no  fool. 
I  heard  somewhere  this  really  third  class  piece  of  joke:
‘When  rape   is   inevitable   lie  back   and   enjoy.’
Is  it  a  cheap  joke   or  a  stark  reality? You  tell  me.


  1. I've forgotten all about the story of Socrates. Thank you for reminding me. This post by no means calls for jokes or any humor. It's a serious nature and you wrote it proficiently.
    It is a sad reminder that we today fall under the influences of society and what is and isnt excepted. So often many are 'lost' and feel empty inside, unfulfilled. This is usually due to not being true to oneself. People need to be bold, daring and spiteful in the eyes of everyone else. Be who you are meant to be and what makes you thrive and explode within. This article has reminded me of that. Something i am often too easy to forget. Thank you BV for this. I am grateful.

    1. thanks. I posted this blog to remind myself why I took up writing. Sometimes it is so easy to lose track of what we began as. thanks again.

  2. I just love this post completely! And no my pen knows no fear as my mind fears nothing but truth!

    1. thanks. 'my pen knows no fear as my mind fears nothing but truth' beautifully said.

  3. Thanks for writing this post. I agree with you. It's sad what we as a people have become--pampered and self-involved. I do believe religion and big government are evil. They have destroyed families and corrupted the minds of whomever they can get their claws into. I think George Orwell's 1984 gives us a chilling look at what direction our society is headed to if we don't stand up as a people and do something to change it.

    1. thanks. and rightly said about the great work nineteen eighty four.