Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the missing letter and the unmissed reply!

I  have  been  writing  to  agents  and publishers  for  years  now. I  was  embarrassed  yet  unable  to  give  up. So  this  one  fine  day  this  brilliant  idea  hit  me  wherein  I  could  write  begging  letters  again  and  again  yet  keep  my  pride  intact! this  is  how  it  went  and  the  reply I got:

 Dear  Mr. Agent ,

I feel  miserable  because I  have  to  keep writing  to  you  regarding  my  manuscript.  I feel ashamed and unhappy. But  what to  do  I  have  to  ask  you  to  look  just  one  more  time  into  my  manuscript.   even   though  every cell  in  my  body rebels. I  beg  on  bended  knee  that  you  forgive  me  but  please  do  the  needful.

Your  author,

P.S : I felt so terrible, I ran after the mailman who picked this letter from the Mailbox. I wanted to take this letter and burn it. I prayed that I could get it back and burn the letter. But it was too late. The mailman had already taken my letter.

 A  few  days  later  I  received  a   letter  from  the  agent.  It  read:

 Dear  Bharati,
Your prayers were answered. Your letter never came!
Your Agent.